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Am I at Risk for Termites in My Home?

by Pests
Am I at Risk for Termites in My Home

Wondering if your home is at risk for a termite infestation? Good on you for being prepared ahead of time. Knowing your property’s potential for termite problems is a smart move, and equips you with the information you need to keep your home termite-free. While a vast majority of homes do indeed have the potential […]

Will My Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

by Pests
Will My Insurance Cover Termite Damage

Will My Insurance Cover Termite Damage? Living in Australia, the threat of termite damage to your home is very real. Especially amidst the warm environs of the coast, termites are alive and well. As New South Wales termite control specialists, we know firsthand the problems that termites can cause for properties of all kinds. While […]

How to Fight Termites: A Master Plan

by Pests
How to Fight Termites

The first step in any well-crafted line of defence is prevention. If termites are kept at bay, the chance that they will cause damage is reduced.

Do Termites Only Eat Wood?

by Dean Foley

Everyone knows that termites like to eat wood. In fact, it’s pretty clear that they are big fans of the stuff.

Extreme Termite Damage: Don’t Let This Happen to You

by Dean Foley

frequently than the suggested yearly routine. In the St. Petersburg incident, the termite damage occurred swiftly and unexpectedly as the termites had begun to swarm earlier in the season than ever before. An inspection could have helped avoid disaster. Your local pest control experts will make every attempt possible to remain apprised of such occurrences, […]

Buying a Home? Schedule These Important Pre-Purchase Checks

by Dean Foley

There is plenty to think about when buying a home. From securing finance to decorating your kitchen, the process of property purchase is an exciting one filled with new possibilities. Yet the practicalities of making such a significant decision cannot be ignored. Before you head to the bank, there are a few imperative pre-purchase checks […]

Before Termites Attack

by Dean Foley

It’s every household’s nightmare: a massive termite infestation that has resulted in significant damage to the home. When caught early, such a termite problem can generally be thwarted, but the treatments are often costly and extensive. Not only that, but the longer the termite infestation was left untreated, the more expensive the costs of general […]

Choosing the Right Pest Control Expert

by Dean Foley

Looking for outstanding termite control in Nowra? How do you know who to choose? It’s no surprise that we at Termite Solutions would like to put ourselves forward for consideration. After all, getting rid of termites once and for all is what we do. And with many years in the business, we’ve become extremely good […]

5 Reasons it Might Be Time for a Termite Inspection

by Dean Foley

When termites attack, there are ways to handle the infestation. Treatments range from non-invasive measures that eradicate early signs of termite problems to more extensive methods that can overcome a massive termite invasion. Yet, neither of these approaches is preferable. Instead of treating an existing termite infestation, wouldn’t it be better to prevent it altogether? […]