MoistureHeroTermatrac T3i

We at Termite Solutions South Coast use the Termatrac T3i to provide you with confident termite detections as a result of our inspections. The Termatrac T3i enables the technicians to easily identify Termite Risk Area by combining a Moisture Sensor and a Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide. Once pinpointed, a Termite Detection Radar Рwhich is also built into the device Рis used to  double-check the presence of termites and track down the location of nests, leads and entry points.


The borescope is used when a more invasive inspection is required to be carried out. A 10mm hole is drilled and the borescope is inserted; allowing us to see into wall cavities, bulk-heads and  any other suspect areas.

Moisture Meter

The moisture meter is used during termite inspections to determine high moisture levels in walls, which is a conducive condition for termites.