Every year in Australia, termites eat their way through approximately 900 million dollars in damages to homes and businesses. They are silent and easily go unnoticed until it’s too late. By the time they make themselves visible, thousands of dollars in damage has already occurred. No one is exempt from their potential invasion even steal and masonry constructed buildings. The best defense against these structure destroying colonies is a good prevention plan. Having a material called Kordon installed in your home or commercial property during building will ensure protection from termites for the life of the property.

Subterranean termites are attracted to the cellulose in wood, but can eat their way through plastic, concrete, and even soft metals. They are social insects dating back to the time of the dinosaurs. They live in colonies, like bees or ants, and can contain millions of members. They are capable of searching for cellulose 50 meters from their nest and can crawl through tiny cracks in concrete or pipes. Home insurance doesn’t cover termites, so the best way to avoid the headache of an infestation is having Kordon installed when you’re constructing your home or business.

Kordon is an environmentally and allergenic safe barrier professionally installed in homes to prevent and deter termites. It’s a highly flexible material consisting of two UV stable low density polyethylene plastic sheets. In between these plastic sheets is a synthetic webbing treated with a chemical called deltamethrin. Through extensive testing it has been proven to last in excess of 50 years and the product is designed and made in Australia. Backed by Bayer, a leading company known for developing things like aspirin, the chemical Kordon is the longest lasting, safest, and most effective repellent for termites. It would behoove any potential home owner to add Kordon to their new construction to ensure a long lasting sense of security.

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