If I was a termite, where would I go? This is one of the questions termite fighters have been asking since the first termites were discovered attacking our beautiful homes. In one of our recent blog posts, we learned that understanding your enemy is the number one way to fight him off. In this case, knowing what conditions cause termite colonies to thrive is the first step to transforming those conditions and eradicating termites from your property.

Wood, Glorious Wood

It’s no secret that termites love wood, as this is where the majority of termite damage is found. Having absolutely no wood in your home structure would be effective, certainly, but it isn’t practical. Nearly all structures incorporate timber in some form. So what can you do to change this termite-friendly condition? Essentially, whatever wood is on your property should be necessary; anything that is excessive or unused should be removed. Rotting or decrepit wooden structures on your property should be torn down and the wood carted away, as should decaying tree stumps. If building a new structure such as a shed or other building, consider using an alternate construction material or if using wood, treat the wood against termites prior to building. Most of us have additional wood near our homes in the form of firewood. In this case, store the wood as far from your main home buildings as possible. Ideally, you should stack your wood on a pallet or other raised structure to keep it off the ground and allow for runoff of any rainwater or moisture. However, your wood should be kept as dry as possible, and should be covered to prevent dampness.

Termites Love Moisture

To live a happy, full life, termites need water and they relish damp, moist ground. If you don’t want termites, keep your property dry. You should regularly inspect your home for water leaks. Pipes, spigots, and air conditioning systems are all prone to leaking or dripping water, and this can result in wet ground that is the ideal breeding site for termites. In customarily damp areas, you can use a dehumidifier to keep conditions dry. This is a good idea in sub-floor regions that require a fair amount of ventilation. Frequently check spots around your property that are prone to water build up, such as gutters. These should be cleared of debris to make for efficient runoff into appropriate drains.

Lush Plant Life

If you have a beautiful, vibrant garden, chances are termites love it too. In addition to moisture and wood, termites enjoy soil, particularly the subterranean variety who build their massive colonies deep beneath the ground. Your plants need moisture to thrive, so unfortunately, if you want to enjoy a personal garden, you’ll have to keep this condition the way it is. However, you can certainly take steps to prevent termites from feeling welcome. If you garden, try and keep your shrubs and flowers as far from your main property as you reasonably can. Because the moisture and decay associated with vegetation will attract the termites, it’s best to draw them to a spot further from your home. It’s also vital to keep the garden neat and cleanly pruned. Dead branches and debris should be removed promptly. Keeping your plants trimmed and free of brush can be a great help in dissuading termites from setting up shop nearby.

Call the Professionals

Unfortunately, sometimes changing the termites’ favourite conditions is not enough to stop them. If an infestation does take place, or you start to see signs of termite damage, call your local Nowra professionals at Termite Solutions as soon as possible. Reliable and prompt, we’ll visit your property, expertly assess the problem, and help get rid of your pests once and for all.