Nowra. The Shoalhaven. Based in this region, clients of Termite Solutions often wonder if this area is highly prone to termite attacks. The answer is yes. Research and observation regularly show that termite infestation is a high threat to New South Wales. In fact, termite risk is very high throughout mainland Australia, with only Tasmania remaining relatively termite-free.

Where Termites Thrive

You might be wondering why certain areas of Australia are hotbeds of termite activity, while others are not. It depends primarily on the conditions present in each environment. Many species of termite prefer moist, damp regions. This is why coastal areas such as those in NSW are prone to infestation. However, other species of termites like dry areas where they can develop huge underground nests, such as in the Northern Territory.
Species such as mastotermes darwiniensis are a prime example. Also known as the Great Northern Termite, this species is older and more populous than any other type of Australian termite. They cause intense damage, and favour the northern areas of the country, including coastal Queensland and north Western Australia. With massive nests beneath the surface of the ground, this species not only impacts timber, but will attack crops and other materials including metal or plastic.

Termites in The Shoalhaven

In this area, you’ll mostly find coptotermes acinaciformis and coptotermes frenchi. Both of these types of wood-eating termites can cause debilitating property damage. They are found in urban areas, particularly those with an abundance of eucalypts. They will ingest all types of wood, whether it be wood surrounding your property or comprising the framing of your home. They are one of the most destructive of all termites found in Australia. Coptoterme nests are built in dark, damp spaces such as underground timber or rotting tree stumps.

Certain species of termites might not be as prevalent here in NSW as in other parts of the country. And we are fortunate in the Nowra and South Coast regions to not be in an area of “extreme risk.” Still, the potential for termite damage is very much present and it is important to take what steps you can to combat these pests from the start.

What You Can Do

Although you can’t change the environment in which you live, there are certain factors within your control that can be altered to better protect your property from termites.

● Keep your property dry. Termites in the Shoalhaven are primarily the type that love moist areas. Keep an eye out for leaks in your home, cover all outdoor firewood, and consider treating any external timber structures such as fences with a termite combatant.
● To avoid attracting termites with a verdant garden full of moisture, don’t place your flora around the edge of your home. Instead, plant flowers and vegetables as far from the main structure of your home as possible.
● Remove any excess or unnecessary wood from around your property. This is perhaps the #1 attractor for termites.
● Keep your eyes peeled for signs of active termite infestation or damage.
● Get regular termite inspections performed by a qualified professional such as Termite Solutions.

Need a Helping Hand?

Unfortunately, termites are clever pests, and can’t always be stopped on your own. If your property is experiencing an infestation or you’ve observed signs of termite damage, call your local Nowra professionals at Termite Solutions as soon as possible.