There’s a lot that goes into building a new home. Planning, design, construction, decorating, fixtures. Before you move into the finished product however (and perhaps even before finishing a great many of these steps) there is something important to consider if you live in Australia: termite prevention.

If you already rent or own a property, it is advisable to have yearly inspections to ensure your home remains termite free. If you are preparing to purchase a home, you should also look into pre-purchase inspection options, to get a professional opinion on the risk of termite infestation for that property. But if you are building your home from the ground up, you have a great advantage. You can take steps to keep termites at bay before you even move in.

Your Termite Prevention Options

When your home is being built, consider implementing physical barriers into the design. These will keep the termites from being able to enter your home through certain gaps. As they move around your property, these barriers will often also force subterranean termites to the surface, which results in the formation of mud tunnels. These are generally quite visible, and can help you stop an infestation in its tracks.

One choice for such a barrier is the Kordon Termite Management Barrier, a tough, flexible laminate product that can be bent to fit certain shapes. This contains a natural insecticide which is both effective and eco-friendly. The Kordon Termite Barrier is unique to Australia, and our team at Termite Solutions is fully trained in its installation and management.
Australian designed and manufactured product by Bayer CropScience for all building applications.

As well as physical barriers, there are options for chemical barriers. The TERM-seal Termite Management Barrier is an excellent example of this, and one we frequently employ at Termite Solutions. Australian owned, designed and manufactured, TERM-seal systems are built to offer superior protection against termites in the conditions particular to Australia. TERM-seal uses bifenthrin, an active control agent which is safe for humans and animals (and to the environment) but is lethal to termites. Using patented technology, bifenthrin is used in the manufacture of the Term-seal system’s products, generating barriers which have are effective and protective but have no environmental or dermatological impacts.

Contact Your South Coast Termite Experts

If you’re considering building or purchasing a home, we’d love to help you out. For existing structures, we can arrange a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection. You’ll have the benefit of both a pest inspector and a building inspector onsite to assess the condition of the property and to advise on what issues and costs you may be able to expect. Our team will also happily advise on a course of action for protecting your future property from pests in the best possible way.

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