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5 Reasons it Might Be Time for a Termite Inspection

by Dean Foley

When termites attack, there are ways to handle the infestation. Treatments range from non-invasive measures that eradicate early signs of termite problems to more extensive methods that can overcome a massive termite invasion. Yet, neither of these approaches is preferable. Instead of treating an existing termite infestation, wouldn’t it be better to prevent it altogether? […]

Have You Scheduled Your Yearly Termite Inspection?

by Dean Foley

You love your home. It is where you sleep, where you relax, where you dine, and where you connect with your family. It’s a huge part of your life. Unfortunately, there is an often unseen danger that may be threatening the structure and integrity of your property: the termite. In Australia, there exists more than […]

What are My Options for Termite Treatment?

by Dean Foley

Termites represent a major threat to your Australian home or business property. When you discover that your home has been damaged by a termite infestation, you want solutions, and you want them fast. It is important to take action quickly when termites are spotted, and in Nowra, a striking number of homes are affected each […]

5 Signs You Have Termites

by Dean Foley
Termite Damage in Wood Flooring

Without taking steps to eradicate them, termites can cause serious damage to your home or commercial property. These pests (often living and working underground) don’t always reveal themselves directly. By the time you discover evidence of a termite infestation, it may be too late to avoid costly repairs or intensive extermination procedures. If you live […]

First Time Home Buyers: Avoiding Termites

by Dean Foley
Two generation family looking at a house for sale

You’re considering buying your first home. This is an exciting time! As you take those initial steps towards home ownership and building a life, you will have many aspects to consider. When purchasing a home (or any other property) one thing you should be sure to address is the possibility that termites could affect your […]

How Do Termite Mounds Form?

by Dean Foley
Cathedral Termite Mound

If you’ve driven around Australia, you’ve no doubt stumbled across crazy, often impressive formations in the ground. These reddish-brown, stony-looking castles are the homes of our enemy: the termite. The uncanny structures you see are known as termite mounds. Staring in wonder at these constructions, one starts to consider how they are created. How many […]

Understanding the Enemy: The Peculiar Behavior of Termites

by Dean Foley

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu said, “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” When it comes to termites, you hopefully won’t need to fight a hundred battles, but there is truth in Sun Tzu’s famous quote. If you know and understand your enemy (in this […]

Why Early Termite Detection is Vital

by Dean Foley
Termite Pre-Purchase Examination

Termites cause millions of dollars in damage every year to properties around Australia. Unfortunately, termites pose a threat to most homes and businesses throughout the country, whether in the city or located in bushland. The good news is you can do something about it. Early termite detection is vital to preventing negative, costly damage to […]

Pre Purchase Pest Inspections For Future Homeowners: What You Need To Know!

by Dean Foley

Buying a brand new house is an exciting time for buyers and their families! If you’re purchasing a home in Australia, for example, there are a few prerequisites before securing a home. And one of those important prerequisites is a pre purchase pest inspection of the home. What Is A Pre Purchase Pest Inspection? Before […]