Are you a believer of the old saying, “Prevention is better than cure”? It may be a tired catchphrase but the wise definitely go by it. Why suffer through unpleasantness that can be avoided, right? In terms of termites slowly devouring your home into a hollow shell, you wouldn’t be able to help your thoughts from veering toward the direction of the ‘if onlys’. If only you had taken measures to prevent those pests from attacking your home. If only you had taken the time to set up your home to be termite-free. In the event of infestation, there’s not much you can do but bring in professional exterminators who will rid your home of its pesky squatters. You can avoid infestation and take the necessary steps to stop these destructive buggers from putting your home under siege. The following are some of the most practical termite prevention tips you can apply in your home:

1. Clean Your Surroundings

You can make your home less attractive to termites. Do this by keeping your garden under control and don’t let it go wild. It is best that trees are neatly trimmed, while shrubs and other forms of vegetation should not grow so dense that the surrounding environment of your home could be mistaken for a jungle! Also, keep your home clean, dry and well ventilated.

2. Close All Access to Your House

Do not give termites access to your home. Termites access your home through wood-to-wood contact or wood-to-soil contact, so don’t lean trellises against exterior walls. Avoid placing fencing, timber, firewood or any kind of wood debris next to your house. Landscaping right outside your walls is also a no-no. Besides this, make sure to seal cracks and holes in your walls and foundations to do away with convenient access points.

3. Do Not Let Termites Breed

For termite control to take place you need to be careful not to create areas where termites can breed and thrive. Take time to repair leaks both indoors and outdoors, especially if your watering systems run close to the foundations of your house. Make sure that moisture and overflow water from ACs and water heating systems are directed away from your foundations.

The fact is, these measures are not merely for termite control; they can also help with minimising bacteria and insects in your home. Without much moisture, termites and bacteria alike will find it hard to survive. The rule of thumb with termite prevention is – always clean your surroundings.

4. Use Chemically Treated Wood

Use treated wood for constructing or renovating your home. Treated wood can significantly reduce the threat of termite invasion. If you’re in the stages of building or renovating your home, go for termite-resistant building materials. Take note, however, that treated wood is not completely termite-proof, so it’s best to apply complementary preventative measures as well.

5. Get Assistance from a Professional Exterminator

Have a licensed and accredited exterminator apply termite control solutions into your home. If you really want termites to stay away, you can call in the professionals to apply treatment to keep your property termite-free.

Why Termite Prevention is Better

Termites are fearsome contenders, so it’s best if you never have to go up against them. Make sure that you take the time to ensure that their unwelcome presence is banished from your home.

With these tips, you will be able to do something about termite prevention in no time. Your home is where you and your family live and you don’t need to share it with termites.