Termites, as it turns out, can carry gold dust back to their nests! According to a report from a scientific research organisation, termites can bring gold dust up from five metres down and then they take it back to their colony. They use it to build their nests and gold miners could use these little critters as miniature prospectors. Don’t get too excited though as we are talking about gold dust here and not a treasure trove! You are better off getting back to the task at hand and evicting the little pests. A termite colony can destroy your home so whether or not you suspect that termites may be keeping gold deposits in their lair, you need to find an effective termite solution and protect your home now. You can start by hiring the right termite treatment company.

What do you have to consider before hiring a reputable Shoalhaven termite solution company?

1. Make a List of Termite Solution Providers in the Shoalhaven Area
Look up reputable termite solution providers in your local area. It’s always a good idea to have a shortlist of companies so you’ll be able to compare fees and methods of termite treatment. Eliminate any fraudulent services in your list by checking with your local business-regulating organisation.
2. Make Sure that you are Dealing with a Licensed Company
A termite control company should be a member of a state pest control association. This will indicate that the company practices only the highest standards of termite control and that it has access to technical and current information. Also gain valuable insight into its customer service policies by reading any testimonials.
3. Check that they have Licensed and Experienced Personnel
Don’t just look into the company. Make sure that the termite solution provider employs experienced and skilled staff. This can be determined once you schedule a termite inspection of your home with the company. An inspection can be made so that you know the extent of the infestation and what needs to be done before making a commitment.
4. Determine What Termite Treatment Process the Company is using
During the inspection, you will want to ask about the treatment process. What will the company use? How will the treatment be applied (as bait, dust or barrier treatment) and will it affect your family? Are there necessary precautions to take after the application? Will the treatment be a long-term solution or are you going to have to pay for monthly sprays?
It is important to be aware of the termite treatment the company intends to use so you will know if you need to budget for a second treatment or not.
5. Look into the Contract
When you are satisfied with the answers, review the termite control company’s contract thoroughly. Aside from containing the length of service, treatment plan and the price, your contract may also come with a general liability insurance and a penalty clause for cancelling the contract.
The best termite control company will be able to recommend further termite management solutions so you will not have to deal with a recurrence. While it is certainly a comfort to know that you can rely on professionals to keep these property pests out of your home or your place of business, doing your part to reduce the termite problem can go a long way. Eliminating termites from your home or workplace is a treasure trove of comfort and stress reduction.
If you suspect that you have termite problems, let Termite Solutions know so we can help you assess your situation.