When faced with a termite infestation, your first thought will be to get rid of them as quickly and efficiently as possible. As technology has increased and developed over the years, there are many methods and products in use for eradicating termites swiftly and fully. However, many of these methods utilise a great deal of chemicals. As society gradually shifts its focus to more environmentally friendly consumerism, you may be wondering what part this might play in something such as pest or termite control. Greener methods for termite control are continually being introduced, to protect both your property and the environment at the same time.

Environmental Options

One of the best ways to make termite treatments more eco-friendly is to utilise products which are organic and natural, and do not include harsh chemicals. Some natural products can provide excellent termite treatment, such as orange oil or neem oil. These oils, when spread on the affected wood and ingested by termites, can kill off the termites, but remain non-toxic for humans and pets. There are also several industrial-grade products which we are always anxious to investigate for use at Termite Solutions.

Sodium borate, also known as borax, is a salt substance which can eliminate termites, but is nontoxic for both humans and pets–always an important pest control consideration when you have domestic animals. A borate solution, applied to layers of new construction, can be a great preventative tool for termite infestation. This is another option for avoiding more environmentally harmful products and methods.

For non-product treatment options, there is some effectiveness in trying electronic termite control. This type of method works when the termite colony is centralised and easily identified. The technician will send high voltage electric currents into the wood where the colony is located. This kills termites within the immediate area, and can be a good choice for green termite control, however it does not work to prevent future termite infestation.

Similarly, treatments which involve extreme temperatures, heat or cold, can be applied to help rid a property of termites. The pest control technician will utilise chambers to maintain these extreme temperatures. Although this method has proven itself effective, it is not a preventative treatment, and often the temperatures can be damaging to household items or furniture.

Integrated Termite Control

As the efficacy of termite control treatments have improved over the past few decades, a trend toward integrated termite control has become common. This practice involves trying eco-friendly and nontoxic methods first, and then possibly utilising typical chemical treatments. This is often very effective in controlling termites and allows pest control centers to use as little chemical product as possible. This has a better impact on the environment overall, but ensures the active termites are treated and fully eradicated.