When protecting your house against a termite infestation, or getting rid of a current problem, you may be concerned for the safety and well-being of your household pets. At Termite Solutions, we believe that your safety is our top priority, and we always take steps to ensure this safety for your entire family, pets included.

A Look at Termite Treatments

Proper termite control should target the areas where termites are a problem, meaning that inhabited areas are generally kept relatively secure, especially when the termite problem is confined to limited, outdoor areas. Termite control can take many forms to combat and prevent the infiltration of these unwanted pests. At Termite Solutions, we’ll take care to discuss any possible concerns with you prior to your treatments, letting you know what steps you should take to keep you and your pets safe during the procedures. This may mean removing pet toys, feeding dishes, or other items from the affected areas before we begin our termite treatment.

Moving Towards Safer Treatments

Although at Termite Solutions we strive to use the least harmful products as possible (focussing on working towards organic and environmentally sensitive solutions), some termite treatments can still be harmful to pets and you should keep your pets well away from affected, treated areas. Always consult with your termite technician if you have questions regarding the safety of you and your pets.

Indoor pets are typically safe when the termite treatments are kept outdoors, targeting external areas of the home and surrounding property. Large scale fumigation of the home will require your entire family to vacate, pets included, as these treatments are much more extensive and pose risk of harm to your animals. Following a large treatment such as this, your Termite Solutions technician will assess the property and let you know when it is safe for all family members (including pets) to return to the home.

Some types of treatments are completely safe for your household pets once they have dried. At Termite Solutions, we’ll discuss the best kind of procedure for ridding your house of termites, always keeping a keen eye on your safety and preferences.

Your Safety: Our Priority

Termite Solutions will always put your safety at top priority, and that includes your household pets. Our highly qualified technicians will take extra care when they know that pets are a part of the property in treatment, and will work to keep pet areas clean and clear of potentially harmful treatment chemicals. We’ll work closely with you to find out specifics about your pets, including the locations of their eating and sleeping environments–this will help ensure we can protect those areas as much as possible.

If you’ve got a termite problem, but are concerned with the safety of your pets, don’t hesitate to get in contact with your local experts at Termite Solutions. We’re well-equipped to design the ideal treatment which both eradicates your home and property of pernicious termites and, at the same time, keeps your beloved pets safe and healthy.