When it comes to the unpleasant occurrence of a termite infestation in your home, you are going to want swift and effective termite solutions to rid your property of these pests. Throughout the years of battling termites in Australia and beyond, new technology and innovations have continually been developed to help with extermination and prevention. Professionals are constantly learning more about termite behaviour, which helps inform them in the extermination process. In the early times of termite elimination, many harsh and harmful chemicals seemed to be the only method for getting rid of these unwanted guests, but in changing times, new methods that are more effective and often more eco-friendly have come to light.

Termite Prevention is Key

Better than any extermination method is a preventative process which will keep termites at bay from the start. Protecting your home from potential infestation is the best way to keep your property safe from termites. Do-it-yourself practices can help lessen the risk of termite infiltration, and frequent treatments from Termite Solutions can help keep your home free of damage–blocking the termites from the get-go.

As you consider purchasing a new home, Termite Solutions can perform a comprehensive termite inspection to assess for the potential risks and existing threat of termites to the home. The home can be pre-treated to ensure a safer, termite-free experience. Even special construction can assist with termite protection: high-resin woods, which are termite-resistant can be used in the frame of your home, keeping those wood-eaters at bay.

Innovative Treatments for Termites

If your home has not been pre-treated or falls victim to an infestation, there are many innovative choices in treatment. It is not always necessary to evacuate the house for a full-on fumigation, as less-invasive options may be available.

One new innovation is the use of slow-acting baits, placed in key areas of termite contact. These can slowly, but effectively kill off termite colonies with minimal impact to your day-to-day life. Barrier methods are also a popular choice in certain cases. If the termite infestation is fairly localised, pest exterminators can install physical barriers that cut off the termites’ path, effectively trapping them. This can then make extermination through baits or on-contact spray much simpler and faster. Even in the face of extensive termite infestation, fumigation methods have adapted through new technology, creating a more effective gas which is better at complete termite elimination. This method can be used in more severe cases of termite infestation.

The use of microwave technology in termite elimination has gained traction in recent years. For an environmentally-sensitive option, microwaves can be utilised to kill termites through heat. Using radars to determine where termites exist within your walls, the exterminators can target and kill termites very well. However, this treatment method can take more time and is not always 100% effective.

Lasting Treatments

At Termite Solutions, we’re committed to ridding your property of termites completely. It can be frustrating to try and eradicate a termite colony again and again that continues to do damage your home. At Termite Solutions, we’ll determine the best course of action to eliminate your termite problem once and for all. We are always investigating new treatment options, with a focus on keeping abreast of new technology and innovation.