When it comes to protecting your home or commercial property, one great threat is often the possibility of termite infestation. Termites can wreak havoc on the structures of our residences and businesses, weakening or even destroying the wood that makes up both the interior and exterior portions. In Australia, millions of dollars per year in damage is caused by termites. So how can you stop this from occurring?

When things get rough, you can always call the professionals. At Termite Solutions, we are ready to help you rid your home of those unwanted pests. But before things turn ugly, there are several steps you can take to keep termites at bay from the start. Check out this post for some tips on how to spot early warning signs of termites, and then get to work. With a bit of DIY, you can keep termites at bay.

Remove Wood from the Property

One of the most important things you can do, initially, is to make your home or business as unfriendly an environment to termites as possible. The first step is to remove excess or unnecessary wood from your property. Any old wooden structures that are near to your home should be removed if they are not currently in use. Consider building new structures and treating the wood for added termite protection.

Sometimes, we need to have wood on our properties, such as firewood for heating your woodstoves and fireplace. In this case, keep this stored wood as far as possible from the main structure of your home. Keep the wood dry (damp wood can be ripe termite breeding ground), stacked off the ground, and covered.

Don’t Let the Termites Attack Your Fencing

There is an incorrect myth circulating out there that termites who are given something “else” to attack will avoid infesting your home. Some suggest a wooden fence will offer an option for the hungry termites. This could not be more wrong. Unfortunately, termites are not deterred by the promise of alternate wood to attack. Rather, the presence of an enticing structure such as a fence will only serve to attract more termites to the area. As more take over your property, they will continue to breed, and the problem will grow further out of hand. Treat any wooden structures to prevent the termites from attacking.

Create Smart Landscaping

We all want to have a beautiful garden surrounding our home. Unfortunately, certain landscaping practices can be a poor idea when it comes to termite control. You should avoid placing plants and flowers directly on the exterior edge of your home, as this can draw termites in as well as affect any chemical treatments your pest control professional has put in place. Trees that are too near to a structure can also have a negative impact. If the roots are too close to the home, this can be a path for the termites to follow into the building. It is suggested to remove trees that may pose a threat to the property, and to avoid planting new ones too near to the building.

Stop Water Leaks in their Tracks

Fixing water leaks is one of the simplest things you can go to help protect your home or business property from termite infestation. Leaky pipes, air conditioners, water taps and more, can all be a source of attraction to the termites. Termites need water just like other creatures, and will feed off this water supply. Essentially, leaks in your system make it easier for the termites to survive and thrive, causing greater damage to your property.

The tips above are some of the most important steps you can take for early termite prevention. Check out some of our other blog posts here on the Termite Solutions website, for even more information on DIY termite prevention. Termites are an unwelcome and unpleasant pest to encounter, so the sooner you can stop them, the better. In the event that your termite problem does get out of hand, please contact us right away at Termite Solutions, and together, we’ll find the best way to protect your property.