The truth of the matter is: termites are destructive and you don’t want them in your home. But among that simple truth their are many myths floating about regarding termites, their behaviour, and their elimination. Today, we at Termite Solutions, experts in Australian pest control, aim to set the record straight. Here is the truth about 5 common termite myths.

1. Termites will run from one house (because of pest control) and head to the neighbours’.

Many people mistakenly believe that termite treatments completed at one property may leave the termites “homeless.” With nowhere to turn, they fear their property will be next in line for their destruction. However, this is not the case. Termite colonies can grow to enormous sizes. This means that a colony (particularly a subterranean variety) may stretch across multiple properties. While termite control in one house may result in an increase of termite activity in an adjacent one, this is only the case of termites were already present. Treatment does not allow them to move from one to the other.

2. To protect my home from termites, constructing it of bricks or building it on a concrete slab should do the trick.

Unfortunately, the majority of houses are built with a wooden frame. Brick and concrete slab may be preferable to a timber home, but you cannot fully prevent termite infestation with building materials. Concrete slab is close to the soil, and termites will work diligently to locate the cracks in the structure and make their way up to the wood inside your home.

3. Once you have a termite problem, you will never get rid of them.

The best method is always prevention, but a property that has been attacked by termites is not a lost cause. Once you do have an infestation, however, you will need to hire professional pest experts to handle the job (and the sooner the better, to minimise structural damage). Significant treatment is the only way to ensure the full elimination of these pests. You can also ask your termite expert to help with preventing further termite activity in and around your home.

4. Placing wood strategically around your property will keep termites away from the house itself.

Wrong! While logic may insist that fencing and other wood can “distract” the termites and prevent them from attacking your home, this is in fact not the case. Rather than drawing them away, the presence of wood on your property only serves to attract termites. Removing excess and rotting wood from around your land is key to keeping termites at bay, and any wooden structures you erect should be made with pre-treated lumber.

5. Once inside, termites can destroy a property in just a few weeks.

Fortunately this is a complete myth, or many, many Australians would be out of homes. There are typically natural barriers and obstacles that prevent termites from a full-on attack, but even if conditions were perfect, several months or more would be needed for termites to enact utter destruction.
So what does this all mean?

Essentially, prevention is key. If you are worried about termites, don’t hesitate to contact the pros at Termite Solutions today. We can provide inspections and treatments to keep your home free of these unpleasant, damaging pests.