If you own a home in Australia, you’re likely aware of the threat of termite infestation to your property. There are over 300 termite species in Australia, and New South Wales is no stranger to a few of these. It’s important to protect your home as this is often an individual’s single largest investment. And of course, your house is a special place for you and your family, for both practical and sentimental reasons. Here at Termite Solutions, we are devoted to helping you guard your property against the damage that termites can enact. But while you’re watching out for your home itself, it’s wise to remember that termites can wreak havoc in other ways as well.

Your External Property

There’s an old myth that you can use fencing or mulch to draw termites away from your home, distracting them with the tasty available wood in the yard. Unfortunately, this does not prove effective. Untreated timber for fencing or the damp, rich mulching in your garden can actually attract more termites to your property and ultimately to your home itself. And in the meantime, your fencing and other external structures may end up under attack. Be sure to pre-treat wood fencing, children’s playground structures, and other timber-based items. A good rule of thumb is also to store targets like firewood as far away from your house as possible.

Termites are also known to infest trees themselves, particularly if the trees are beginning to decay. This moist environment is heaven for termites. To keep these pests from taking up residence in your stumps, trunks, and branches, keep an eye on the condition of your plant life and get rid of anything which begins to show signs of decomposition.

Paper Goods

It’s common knowledge that termites like to munch on wood, but did you know they also will eat other materials including paper and cardboard? If you’ve got an extensive library of books, it’s a good idea to clean and inspect the area regularly. If you’re storing books, keep them inside if at all possible, and opt for plastic boxes instead of cardboard. Cardboard boxes, especially those filled with books and other paper, often can go unnoticed for a long while in the dark corners of a closet or shed. Keep a close eye on these materials and if you do choose to use cardboard, store the containers off of the ground itself.

*Pro tip: Important papers or legal documents should always be kept in metal or plastic containers or file cabinets in a secure spot. You don’t want termites getting their next meal from your insurance documents!

Your Bank Account

Although not literally speaking, termites can damage your bank account with their costly damage and necessary repairs. When termite infestations go long undetected, the resulting damage can be significant, often costing thousands of dollars. And the longer the damage occurs, the more extensive (and expensive) the necessary repairs are likely to be. For that reason, Termite Solutions highly recommends preventative measures. Annual termite inspections are a must for any domestic or commercial property owner serious about protecting their home or business.

Termite Solutions is here to help you defeat the problem of termites on your property. Give us a call to learn about effective pre-treatment measures or to arrange for an inspection. And if you’ve already seen signs of termite damage, be sure to call us ASAP so we can provide a swift treatment solution.