It’s happened. Termites have, unnoticed by you, made themselves comfortable within the walls and foundation of your home. Even if you’ve kept a close eye on your property, these pests can be sneaky, creating damage that goes unseen by all but the most trained termite professionals. At other times, their presence is hard to miss, with stains on your walls, sagging floorboards, and crumbling ceilings.

What is a property owner to do?

If significant damage has occurred, you may be understandably concerned that it is already too late for termite solutions to make any difference. However, this is untrue. In all but the most extreme of circumstances, damage can be managed and termite control and eradication can be swiftly set in motion.

Fixing Damage To Your Home

When signs of termite destruction are seen, it may only be an indicator of much more significant damage. A building inspector can find out more thoroughly what sort of damage has been done to a property. Sometimes, even items within your home have been affected, including furniture and books. Termites are not too picky about what they eat! Visible termite damage may have impacted your walls, floorboards, or other areas, but often, termites have impacted more internal structural areas of the house. If left untreated for long, this can make your house structurally unsound and pose a danger to you and your family. This type of issue can be fixed, but the unfortunate truth is, it’s going to cost you.

Immediate Termite Solutions

In tandem with fixing the damage created by these wood-eating foes, you’ll want to move quickly to arrange for fast, effective termite control. At this point, more extensive methods will need to be undertaken. Termite Solutions has a range of effective termite treatments that can help you reclaim your home. Whenever possible, we aim to begin with less-invasive and non-chemical treatments. However, major infestations may require fumigation or similar approaches. We can work closely with you to create a solid treatment plan. And we always start off with a complimentary quote so you can consider your options.

The Sooner, the Better

Of course, all this points to the importance of early detection and treatment. When termites attack, they can move fast. Preventing their infiltration from the start is the most effective way to protect your home from damage.

On your own, you can keep a lookout for classic signs of termite damage. You can also engage in some simple DIY termite treatment methods, including keeping all exterior wood (such as firewood) far from your home’s main structure, and planting gardens a safe distance from your home’s foundation. With these strategies, you may never need to use our termite treatment services. Instead, we urge you to contact us for annual termite inspections that will thoroughly examine your home for damage or potential pest threats.

Regular pest inspections should be undertaken by a professional termite control expert, ensuring that your home deters these pests and remains termite-free. This is the number one way to ensure termite damage never gets to the point of no return. For affordable and convenient options, call Termite Solutions today to schedule your South Coast termite inspection.