Our business is Termite Solutions, both in name and in practice. Working alongside our clients, we find the optimal answers for your termite problems large and small. Infestations in your residential or commercial property, or concerns about a new building you’re considering purchasing–these can all be handled expertly by your NSW termite professionals. Treatments, prevention, and inspections are our “M.O.”, and we’re ready and waiting to lend you a hand.

Our reputation as a top South Coast termite control service means that we’re often asked some of the most pressing questions about termites and termite control. Today, we’ve compiled a few of our most frequently asked questions into one informative post. We hope these responses offer the details you’re looking for, and if you have further questions or want to make an appointment, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Q: How do I know if I have termites?

A: Keeping your eyes peeled for clear signs of termite damage is one of the best methods of catching a termite problem early. If you see some of the telltale signs that termites have taken up residence inside or nearby your home or business, call Termite Solutions right away. Early extermination is easier than managing a full-blown infestation, and when found quickly, your options for eradicating them are much greater.

You can also wisely invest in a yearly termite inspection. A certified member of our team will come out and thoroughly inspect your property for signs of termites as well as observe any factors that may leave you vulnerable to these pests. These top to bottom inspections can give you peace of mind and help keep these nasty pests at bay. Pre-purchase termite inspections are available as well if you are considering buying a new property or investigating a potential building site. Make sure your choice is a solid one and termite-free.

Q: If my neighbour has termites will they come to my house also?

A: This is a valid concern for any householder, but the truth is, just because your neighbours have a termite problem does not mean you will automatically experience one as well. Yet, if a close neighbour does have termites, it is definitely not a bad idea to have an inspection done on your own property. You can also find out what treatment your neighbour’s home has had, as different methods may influence your likelihood that termites could head your way. Be sure to inform Termite Solutions about any neighbour’s treatment methods; this can give us guidance on protecting your property in the best possible manner.

Can I have mulch and plants around my house?

You certainly can have mulch and plants around the exterior of your house. Gardening is a favourite pastime of many Australians, and most householders take a great deal of pride in cultivating an attractive lawn. However, to be proactive against termites, keep mulch a fair distance from your home’s foundations. Mulch provides delicious “eats” for hungry termites and keeping this too close to your home’s structure is an invitation for a pest problem. If you have firewood outside, store this a good distance from your house, and keep it elevated and dry.

Are there non-chemical options for termite treatment?

There are! We can utilise a method that incorporates radar technology and heat to kill off termite pests. Unfortunately, when a massive termite infestation is underway, non-chemical options such as these tend to become less effective. For non-chemical treatments to work their best, these should be in place as a preventative measure, or should be applied ASAP.

Got termites? If you’re in need of innovative and effectual termite solutions, give our Nowra team a call today.