When you hear the word “termites,” chances are your mind goes to your home. Termites represent a massive threat to domestic properties in most regions of Australia. Treating a termite infestation in your home can be time consuming and costly, which is why pest professionals like our team at Termite Solutions recommend regular property inspections.

However, if you’re a business owner, you may not have considered that termites also pose a threat to your business property. When is the last time you had your commercial property inspected for the presence of termite activity?

If Termites Attack Your Business

A termite infestation in your home seems like the worst imaginable thing. Thousands of small creatures feeding greedily on your home’s wood and decaying the structure of your property from within. When a termite problem is significant, the cost of repairs can be monumental. In rare cases, the home is beyond repair. This would equate to enormous financial and personal loss for a householder.

Yet business owners face the same catastrophic risk. And if a termite infestation is severe, the business may be forced to close down for a few days to allow for effective, thorough termite treatment. The outcome of this would be loss of income, employees losing time at work, and more potential issues, not to mention the cost of the pest control itself.

How can you avoid such a large-scale termite crisis in your business?

The Answer is Professional Termite Inspections

There are several steps you can take to avoid the dramatic scenarios outlined above. First and foremost, there are many DIY ways to keep termites at bay and also signs of their presence that you can keep an eye out for. These measures can ensure you are alert to the possibility of termites on your business property and that you catch any early warning signs of their attack.

Yet the most important thing you can do to protect your commercial property is to invest in annual or semi-annual termite inspections. Our professional, experienced team at Termite Solutions offers these for both homes, businesses, and pre-construction properties. With our expert eyes we’ll assess your property fully for its current and potential termite risk. We can then advise on the best course of action to keep termites at bay and prevent the future need for costly repairs or major treatments. Together, we can ensure your property remains safe and sound and that business can continue as usual. We can even enact a simultaneous building and termite inspection, so you have a thorough understanding of the state of your property. This is a wise step to take for any business owner, and it should be done at least yearly for maximum efficacy.

Want to set up a comprehensive termite inspection for your business? Call us today to schedule your appointment.