It’s every household’s nightmare: a massive termite infestation that has resulted in significant damage to the home. When caught early, such a termite problem can generally be thwarted, but the treatments are often costly and extensive. Not only that, but the longer the termite infestation was left untreated, the more expensive the costs of general home repair are likely to be. In rare cases, such damage is irreparable.

Suffice it to say, this is a situation in which no Australian property owner wants to find him or herself. What is the best way to avoid the ravages that termites can create? As with many concerns, prevention is the number one key to keeping your home termite-free and avoiding massive expenses. Let’s see what we can do before termites attack.

Know Your Enemy

Knowing your enemy is half the battle. Understanding the conditions that termites like arms you with the necessary knowledge to destroy those conditions. Keeping your home a dry environment is key—clear away standing water and check your home for leaks, drips, and cracks. You should also learn the signs of termite infestation and observe your property for these frequently. It’s not only about keeping an eye open, however. Prevention can start right at home with a few minor actions like lifting and covering your firewood, keeping gardens far from your home’s perimeter, and more. Peek at our website for more simple ways to DIY your termite control.

Prevention is Key

Regular termite inspections are highly recommended. In Nowra, Termite Solutions is poised and ready to assist with these. Providing comprehensive termite inspections (combined when necessary with building inspections) can give you the peace of mind that your home or commercial property is safe, secure, and termite-free. This simple appointment can ensure termites aren’t wreaking havoc on your property, and should there be any signs of a problem, your pest control specialist can advise on how to quickly and efficiently eradicate the threat.

How Termite Solutions Can Help

Termite inspections, performed at least annually, are a great first step in stopping termites before they attack. But in Australia’s South Coast, termites are a significant problem, and the potential that they will infiltrate your home remains high. Many property owners elect to take further preventative measures. Termite Solutions offers pre-construction treatment options to keep termites at bay even before your home or business is built. From the ground up, these treatments are an excellent first defense against attacks. For existing properties, we have several solutions for termite treatment. Both Termidor and the Nemesis Termite Baiting System are two that we specialise in and highly recommend. These eliminate current infestations and prevent future problems in safe and non-toxic/non-invasive ways. These are an ideal choice for homes and properties at risk of termite invasion whose owners want to avoid the potential of costly emergency pest treatments in the future.

Termite Solutions is your Nowra pest control team with the right experience and skill to get the job done right. You don’t want termites to attack your home and neither do we. Get in touch today to discuss your options for taking control of your property.