There is plenty to think about when buying a home. From securing finance to decorating your kitchen, the process of property purchase is an exciting one filled with new possibilities. Yet the practicalities of making such a significant decision cannot be ignored. Before you head to the bank, there are a few imperative pre-purchase checks you should complete on your potential new home. These professional checks will give you peace of mind that you’re making a wise purchase and ensure you’re less likely to encounter troubles down the line.

Your Pre-Purchase Land Survey

Your future home encompasses both the structures on the lot and the land itself. It is of the utmost importance to be completely aware of what you are buying, and a pre-purchase boundary identification can help. In this pre-purchase check, a registered surveyor will examine and measure your property to determine the existence of its current legal boundaries. The survey shows if there are any encroachments from adjoining parcels onto your land or from your property onto another’s. If there are encroachments or other boundary issues, the proper steps can then be taken to rectify these prior to finalising your home purchase. Without a pre-purchase land survey, you may fall prey to a future land dispute with a neighbour, resulting in costly legal fees or an expensive fix. Don’t enter into a sale blindly. Get that pre-purchase land survey and know your property inside and out.

A Qualified Building Inspection

Before buying anything, you look it over thoroughly, making sure there are no defects or problems. With purchasing a home (a major investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly) you want to be sure every aspect is comprehensively examined. A pre-purchase building inspection is the way to do exactly that. A licensed inspector can view your chosen property and give you the details on its condition and any potential pitfalls of the home. Most important in a building inspection are elements like the structural integrity of the home. A building inspection lets you know if the foundation is weakened, if there are internal issues like water damage within walls, or if you can anticipate massive repairs to any area of the property. You want to know these things from the start before pouring your money into a home that will prove a disaster down the road.

Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections

While building inspectors assess the condition of a home, a second type of pre-purchase check is needed here in Australia. A termite inspection, performed by a certified pest professional, examines the property not only for signs of a current termite infestation but identifies the possible risk that termites may pose. This is a thorough inspection that goes hand-in-hand with a comprehensive building inspection (and in fact, here at Nowra’s Termite Solutions, we can arrange both).

The pre-purchase termite inspection, similar to the building inspection, looks specifically at timber damage throughout the home. But this check also includes an expert search for signs of termite presence, an assessment of the home’s current level of defence against pests, and recommendations for treatment or pretreatment options. Not only will this check afford you peace of mind about your home purchase, but it will help you avoid the threat of future termite infestations. Ultimately, these three pre-purchase checks might save you vast amounts of money and stress.

We’d love to help you find the right property for you, and our pre-purchase termite inspections can help. Give Termite Solutions a call today and you’ll quickly discover why we’re the South Coast termite exterminator so many homeowners rely on.