Will My Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Living in Australia, the threat of termite damage to your home is very real. Especially amidst the warm environs of the coast, termites are alive and well. As New South Wales termite control specialists, we know firsthand the problems that termites can cause for properties of all kinds. While termite treatment is key when an infestation is discovered, prevention is the best way to keep these unwanted pests at bay. But no matter your protective measures, you might be wondering if your home is protected under your home insurance. The truth? It isn’t.

The Realities of Home Insurance

In Australia, home insurance policies generally do not cover the holder for damage caused by termites. Home/building insurance covers the policyholder against damage caused by storms, fire, earthquakes, or other “acts of God.” Many Australians also elect to purchase contents insurance, which covers their personal belongings against these same situations as well as theft. It’s always important for homeowners to speak with their insurance company or broker to be certain they fully understand their policy and its exclusions. For the most common policies, additional coverage is not supplied. This usually means that flood damage is not covered, and not termite damage either. Fortunately, there are ways to incorporate this type of protection for your property, even if it is not part of your home insurance cover.

A Guard Against Termite Damage

To circumvent the issue of non-coverage in your home insurance policy, you can find security with the appropriate preventative measures. Termite barriers by several providers can supply exceptional termite protection, and come complete with comprehensive warranty programs. The team at Termite Solutions is fully certified in both the TERM-Seal and Kordon systems.


TERM-Seal is a long term termite barrier which offers fully compliant termite and moisture protection. Our pest control experts install it once, and no re-treatment is ever required. No chemical residue is produced, making it safe for you and your family. Best of all, when installed properly, TERM-Seal comes with warranties as great as 50 years (if installed during construction). Get in touch and we can tell you even more specifics.


Kordon is a termite prevention option which incorporates a physical flexible laminate barrier to keep these pests at bay. This is another smart option for securing your home against the costly, stressful damage that termites can cause. When building a new home, Kordon can be installed during construction. For new homeowners, you’ll be provided with a FREE Bayer Protection Warranty covering you for up to $1 million worth of termite protection. That is outstanding coverage.

Keep Those Warranties Valid

In order to ensure these warranties keep your property covered, there are one or two requirements, but they are very simple. To retain your warranty, your property must undergo an annual inspection by an accredited timber pest inspector like Termite Solutions. This is easy to schedule and our team will have it thoroughly completed for you so that you can have great peace of mind about the state of your home—and the continued protection of your warranty.


Why wait? Let’s get you set up with these fantastic termite protection options today.