How to Fight Termites: A Master Plan

When doing battle with an enemy, a clear plan is always key to ensuring their defeat. In your case, your potential enemy is the timber-hungry termite. Without a master plan for termite control, these pests are allowed to wreak havoc on your property, damaging walls, fencing, and even foundations. Left unchecked, termites can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Fortunately, you can avoid such a hefty blow to your bank account by creating and sticking to your termite master plan. Here’s how to prepare:

Step 1: Prevention

The first step in any well-crafted line of defence is prevention. If termites are kept at bay, the chance that they will cause damage to your home or business becomes virtually non-existent. But how to prepare your property against termites? First, you should learn what type of conditions attract termites and work immediately to erase these conditions. It’s also a smart idea to brush up on the signs of termite damage, so you can keep a watchful eye for these hints of their presence. But most importantly, your property should undergo an annual termite inspection, especially if you live in one of Australia’s most termite-prone regions. A professional termite inspection examines your property in depth, providing a comprehensive assessment of your current termite risk. This is one of the best ways to avoid termite infestation.

Step 2: Pre-treatment

Your property can also be better equipped to handle any future termite issues. Pre-treatment options give you a way to start the battle against termites early on. This is the ideal approach if you’re building a new home. The team at Termite Solutions can erect physical barriers that help keep termites from infiltrating your property at its deepest levels. We’re certified in both Kordon and TERM-Seal Termite Management Barriers, two high quality product systems that prove very effective in termite prevention. If you’re not currently building a new home, we can incorporate these systems during renovation work as well.

Step 3: Treatment

What happens if you have no pre-treatments in place? Perhaps you’ve started to notice one of the tell-tale signs of termite trouble. What now?


Immediate treatment will be most effective. The earlier the termites are found, the better, as we can start taking care of the problem right away. Our primary approach is to utilise our least-invasive treatment methods. We aim to minimise interruptions to your life while fully and quickly eradicating your unwanted pests. Methods include a systematic microwave and heat technology that targets colonies directly, or slow-acting baits which are gradually transported throughout the entire termite group. This second method is often particularly effective in more advanced termite infestations.

Step 4: Call in the big guns

Sometimes, even with every precaution, the termites still find a way. In serious pest situations, more extensive treatment options will be called-upon. These methods generally rely more heavily on chemical eradication, and are highly effective means to getting rid of your termites once and for all.


Now, with your termite plan ready, you know what steps to take.


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