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Get a Termite Solution Now — 5 Top Tips for Hiring a Termite Treatment Company

by Dean Foley

Termites, as it turns out, can carry gold dust back to their nests! According to a report from a scientific research organisation, termites can bring gold dust up from five metres down and then they take it back to their colony. They use it to build their nests and gold miners could use these little […]

Top Five Termite Prevention Tips for Your Home

by Dean Foley

Are you a believer of the old saying, “Prevention is better than cure”? It may be a tired catchphrase but the wise definitely go by it. Why suffer through unpleasantness that can be avoided, right? In terms of termites slowly devouring your home into a hollow shell, you wouldn’t be able to help your thoughts […]

Three Practical Solutions for Exterminating House-Eating Termites

by Dean Foley

Among all other insects, rodents and pest animals one that causes much worry to homeowners are termites. Your home is most likely your largest and most precious investment but without proper care and regular maintenance, termites could do serious damage within a short space of time. Understanding the Kinds of Termites that Damage Your Home […]

Protecting Homes with Kordon

by Dean Foley
Kordon Termite Barrier

Every year in Australia, termites eat their way through approximately 900 million dollars in damages to homes and businesses. They are silent and easily go unnoticed until it’s too late. By the time they make themselves visible, thousands of dollars in damage has already occurred. No one is exempt from their potential invasion even steal […]

Pre Purchase Pest Inspections For Future Homeowners: What You Need To Know!

by Dean Foley

Buying a brand new house is an exciting time for buyers and their families! If you’re purchasing a home in Australia, for example, there are a few prerequisites before securing a home. And one of those important prerequisites is a pre purchase pest inspection of the home. What Is A Pre Purchase Pest Inspection? Before […]