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A Look Inside a Termite Colony

by Dean Foley

One of the best ways to defend against an enemy is to understand it. In this situation, termites are your enemy, threatening your home and property with damage and destruction. While the best line of defence is to plan early and protect your home ahead of time, there are many options when it comes to […]

What to Do Before Building Your Home

by Dean Foley

There’s a lot that goes into building a new home. Planning, design, construction, decorating, fixtures. Before you move into the finished product however (and perhaps even before finishing a great many of these steps) there is something important to consider if you live in Australia: termite prevention. If you already rent or own a property, […]

Have You Scheduled Your Yearly Termite Inspection?

by Dean Foley

You love your home. It is where you sleep, where you relax, where you dine, and where you connect with your family. It’s a huge part of your life. Unfortunately, there is an often unseen danger that may be threatening the structure and integrity of your property: the termite. In Australia, there exists more than […]

Termites’ Favourite Areas of Australia

by Dean Foley

Nowra. The Shoalhaven. Based in this region, clients of Termite Solutions often wonder if this area is highly prone to termite attacks. The answer is yes. Research and observation regularly show that termite infestation is a high threat to New South Wales. In fact, termite risk is very high throughout mainland Australia, with only Tasmania […]

What are My Options for Termite Treatment?

by Dean Foley

Termites represent a major threat to your Australian home or business property. When you discover that your home has been damaged by a termite infestation, you want solutions, and you want them fast. It is important to take action quickly when termites are spotted, and in Nowra, a striking number of homes are affected each […]

5 Signs You Have Termites

by Dean Foley
Termite Damage in Wood Flooring

Without taking steps to eradicate them, termites can cause serious damage to your home or commercial property. These pests (often living and working underground) don’t always reveal themselves directly. By the time you discover evidence of a termite infestation, it may be too late to avoid costly repairs or intensive extermination procedures. If you live […]

First Time Home Buyers: Avoiding Termites

by Dean Foley
Two generation family looking at a house for sale

You’re considering buying your first home. This is an exciting time! As you take those initial steps towards home ownership and building a life, you will have many aspects to consider. When purchasing a home (or any other property) one thing you should be sure to address is the possibility that termites could affect your […]

What Conditions Do Termites Like?

by Dean Foley
Termite Damage

If I was a termite, where would I go? This is one of the questions termite fighters have been asking since the first termites were discovered attacking our beautiful homes. In one of our recent blog posts, we learned that understanding your enemy is the number one way to fight him off. In this case, […]

How Do Termite Mounds Form?

by Dean Foley
Cathedral Termite Mound

If you’ve driven around Australia, you’ve no doubt stumbled across crazy, often impressive formations in the ground. These reddish-brown, stony-looking castles are the homes of our enemy: the termite. The uncanny structures you see are known as termite mounds. Staring in wonder at these constructions, one starts to consider how they are created. How many […]

Understanding the Enemy: The Peculiar Behavior of Termites

by Dean Foley

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu said, “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” When it comes to termites, you hopefully won’t need to fight a hundred battles, but there is truth in Sun Tzu’s famous quote. If you know and understand your enemy (in this […]